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Undecorated Balsam Wreaths

Multipacks Available!

Our Undecorated Balsam Fir Christmas Wreath, a wreath made of evergreen boughs has long been used as a Christmas decoration. Decorating your own wreath is a great way to create memories with families and friends. We offer two sizes of fresh Maine Balsam Fir Wreaths: our regular double sided wreath (ranging from 22” to 26” OD) and our large double sided wreath (ranging from 26” to 30” OD). Display a Maine tradition at your home this holiday season or send one for a friend to enjoy.

• 24” Undecorated Balsam Wreath – $27
• 24” Undecorated Balsam Wreath Multi Pack 2 – $48
• 24” Undecorated Balsam Wreath Multi Pack 4 – $70
• 30” Undecorated Balsam Wreath – $30