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Large Wreaths

Size varies from 26-30"

Maine Wild Blueberry Wreath


Our Maine Wild Blueberry Wreath Maine’s wild blueberry industry is centered around the barrens of Washington County. This wreath celebrates the influences of the industry on our way of life. This fragrant balsam fir wreath is decorated with a Navy Blue Gingham bow, frosted cones, silver holly berries and plump life-like blueberries. This wreath is handcrafted by us and made on a double faced base of live fragrant balsam fir. Display a Maine tradition at your home or office this holiday season or send one for a loved one to enjoy.

Ribbon Candy Wreath


Our Ribbon Candy Balsam Fir Christmas Wreath is handcrafted using freshly picked balsam fir tips. This product celebrates two Christmas classics: a fresh balsam fir wreath and our own unique bows made to look like colorful ribbon candy. Generously decorated with a metallic plaid bow, ribbon candy bows, pine cones and life-like berries this double sided wreath will be a focal point for your holiday decorating.

Maine Lumberjack Wreath


A red and black checked plaid coat was, at one time, common clothing for Maine Lumberjacks.  I can remember my Dad and Grandfather coming home from a day in the woods with the smell of cut wood and sawdust on their coats.  Our Maine Lumberjack wreath features a bow made with red/black plaid fabric, festive cones and apples and berries displayed on the fresh, fragrant boughs of balsam fir.

Classic Christmas Wreath


Our Classic Christmas wreath will bring back memories of past Christmases. The fresh balsam fir is the fragrance of the season. The traditional decorations bring the colors and textures of Christmas to your front door. Our gold trimmed red bow is accented by cones, berries and our own ribbon candy bow

Traditional Balsam Wreath


Our Traditional Balsam Fir Christmas Wreaths are handcrafted by us and made on a double faced base of live fragrant balsam fir. It features a double sided balsam fir wreath, a bow of your choice, cones, waterproof lifelike berries and delightful snowdrop berries. Display a Maine tradition at your home or office this holiday season or send one for a loved one to enjoy.

Maine Mix Wreath


Handcrafted on a double faced base of fragrant balsam fir, pine, and cedar tips. It features a red bow, cones, waterproof lifelike berries and snowdrop berries. This wreath is similar to our Tradition Balsam Fir Wreath with the additional mix of pine and cedar.

Frosty Morning Wreath


After a frigid night, a frosty morning covers the evergreens in a shimmering silver coat. The rising sun sparkles on the melting frost creating colorful twinkles reflected from the surrounding landscape. Our “Frosty Morning” has a silvery bow, cones and leaves. Colorful balls mimic the reflections on the melting frost. A deep breath of the familiar balsam fragrance and the sparkling decorations of a “Frost Morning” will add an elegant touch to your holiday decorating.

Undecorated Balsam Wreaths


Our Undecorated Balsam Fir Christmas Wreath, a wreath made of evergreen boughs has long been used as a Christmas decoration. Decorating your own wreath is a great way to create memories with families and friends. Display a Maine tradition at your home this holiday season or send one for a friend to enjoy.

Winter Holly Wreath

Sunshine sparkling on a new fallen snow and a crisp cold air filling your lungs stir fond memories of winters past. Our Winter Holly Wreath, with fragrant balsam fir is adorned with a shimmering gold bow and faux winter holly leaves and berries. Pine cones and golden accents blend nicely with the fresh greens.

Include these special Add-ons!

Maine Wild Blueberry Sweet & Sour Sampler

This tasty treat combo includes a 13.5 oz bottle of Blueberry Vinaigrette and a 4 oz jar of Blueberry Jam each made with Maine’s homegrown super fruit.

$12 when included with any wreath order.


Set of Three Balsam Sachets

Aroma Therapy for the Christmas soul!

These aromatic sachets measure 4X6 and can be used anywhere in the home or car to enjoy the memorable fragrance of Christmastime.  Add these to your already special balsam fir gift.

(Colors May Vary)

$10 when included with any item.


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