Advent Wreaths

Our Advent Wreath Collection

Our Advent Wreath is made with four candles, three violet and one rose, in a circle of fresh balsam greenery, simply, but attractively decorated with pinecones. Your choice of a white, purple or red bow. Approximately 18″ in diameter.

Light one violet candle for each of the first two weeks of advent, then the rose candle along with the two violet candles for the third week and finally light all four candles for the fourth week of advent. The lighting of the candles is typically accompanied by a prayer. Some families light the candle or candles once a week while others do it daily, before breakfast or dinner.

Deluxe Advent Wreath includes white tipped pinecones-$43

Acadia Advent Wreath includes fruit, nuts, and pinecones-$43

All other Advent Wreaths-$39

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