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  • Chevron down Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • We want you to be happy with your purchase from Maine Made Christmas. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please return it in original condition within 10 days for a refund, credit or exchange. The product must be in its original box and condition, and be accompanied by a copy of the invoice and a note stating the reason for return. Please ship item prepaid. We will refund the purchase price only, excluding shipping and handling charges.

  • Chevron down Gift Messages
  • We will gladly include a gift message with your gift order, simply fill out the gift message field found on the product pages. We will enclose a card with your message or provide your own card and we will include it with your order.  Please keep messages short.

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  • We will never, ever, allow any others to possess your name, address, etc. for any purpose whatsoever. View our  Privacy Statement.

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  • Shop with confidence, knowing that our store employs state-of-the-art security (With Secure Socket Layer (SSL)) transaction encryption and VeriSign payment services, (the industry leader in secure internet transactions) your credit card order is safer than a transaction at your favorite restaurant!

    If your not comfortable with an on-line transaction feel free to place your order by phone, email or regular mail.

  • Chevron down Unsolicited Email
  • We’ll never use your mailing address or your email address unless you ask us to (like ask us to advise you of new product availability). And, we’ll never, ever, give away or sell our shoppers list to anyone. If you should receive an unsolicited email message it is possible someone signed you up thinking you would enjoy our products.

    If you would like to receive periodic messages from Maine Made Christmas please subscribe on the right side using the form to the right. You may unsubscribe at any time.

  • Chevron down Shipping
  • While placing your order, the shopping basket will give you the total charge for the item(s) ordered and taxes due (Maine resident only). Contact us for shipping upgrades. Also you will provide your account data (like credit card number, ship to address, etc).

    Shipping shown is for shipments delivered within the continental United States only. If you require special shipping arrangements feel free to call toll free at 1-888-618-0488 or visit our contact us page and send us your request. Click here to read more shipping information.

  • Chevron down Damaged Goods
  • Should you order be damaged, we will replace the product or refund your purchase price. To expedite the process feel free to email us or phone. In the case of damaged goods we will reimburse you for return shipping. See also our 100% Percent Satisfaction Guarantee.

  • Chevron down International Orders
  • We ship primarily within the continental United States.

  • Chevron down Corporate Requests
  • We are eager to entertain large volume orders and those involving a great number of different “ship to” addresses. Please us our Corporate form when contacting us about such an order. We will then contact you via email or phone to discuss all issues regarding your desired order.

  • Chevron down Wreath Sizes Explained
  • It is industry standard for an untrimmed  Balsam Fir wreath made on a 12″ ring to be 22-24″ OD (Outer Diameter) or made on a 16″ ring to be 30″ Outer Diameter.

    Your actual wreath may vary in size due to the following reasons:

    1. Balsam Fir Tips-they sometimes vary from tree to tree.  Some more round and tight, others flatter and looser.  This affects the final product being made.
    2. Handmade-each wreath is handmade and varies according to the maker and their method of wrapping the tips on the ring.  Some wrap tighter and more compact than others.
    3. Shipping Box-we intentionally use a smaller diameter box to prevent the wreath from moving around too much during shipment.  We do this to protect the wreath and its decorations.  Please allow time for your wreath boughs to open and relax after removing from the shipping box.
    4. Trimming-we handle and inspect each wreath for quality and freshness.  We also trim them to allow for more uniformity and pleasing appearance.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Chevron down How long do your Christmas wreaths last?
  • If you hang your wreath outside it should last well past the holiday season even in warm climates. I took my wreath off my door here in Maine at the end of March and it still looked good but not much balsam fragrance left. Your wreath will not last as long if you place it between your door and your storm door. If you hang it inside just mist it with water to prolong its freshness.

  • Chevron down How thick are your wreaths?
  • We sell double-faced wreaths and they are approximately 6 inches thick.

  • Chevron down What do you mean by double-faced wreaths?
  • Balsam fir tips are put together in bunches and wired to a wreath ring to make a wreath. A single-faced wreath means that the bunches of balsam are attached to only one side of the wreath ring. A double-faced wreath has the bunches of balsam built around both sides of the wreath ring. This makes the wreaths much fuller and much more desirable. Single-faced wreaths are the type typically sold at big box stores.

  • Chevron down How do your wreaths come packaged?
  • Our wreaths are shipped fully decorated. We place the wreath and care instructions in a plastic bag to keep it as fresh as possible in transit. We then place it in a wreath box. We place the complimentary gift message in the plastic pouch on the outside of the box.

  • Chevron down When should I get my wreath?
  • You can get your wreath anytime after we begin shipping. If you are in a hot climate we suggest you don’t have your wreath arrive before Dec.7 to assure its freshness through the holiday season and into the new year.

  • Chevron down How long will the centerpiece last?
  • Your centerpiece should last for three or more weeks. If you want it to look really fresh for Christmas dinner we recommend that you have it arrive after Dec. 10th. You can receive it earlier and leave it exactly how it came in the package, and place it in a cold, dark spot like the garage or take the candles off and put it in the fridge. Our centerpieces are made in absorbent floral foam and when watered regularly will stay fresh throughout the holiday season.

  • Chevron down Advent Wreath Questions
  • Where can I find the traditional prayers said when lighting the advent wreath?
    We include an insert which explains the history and traditions of the Advent Wreath, the prayers, blessings and suggested bible readings for each week in Advent.

  • Chevron down Can the advent wreath be used as a tabletop centerpiece?
  • Our advent wreaths are about 18″ to 20″ in diameter so they are kind of large for most dining tables if they are set for dinner. Some of our customers use them on their dining tables prior to setting the table or after the table is cleared.

  • Chevron down Will the advent wreath last throughout the advent season?
  • Yes. We recommend that you mist your advent wreath regularly to keep it fresh. We have to ship early to arrive the week after Thanksgiving. To be extra sure of its freshness throughout the season you should leave it in the package exactly how it was when you opened it and store it in a dark, cool location like your garage until you are ready to celebrate the 1st Sunday of Advent.

  • Chevron down How big are your Christmas kissing balls?
  • Our kissing ball is approximately 12″ in diameter.

  • Chevron down When do you recommend shipping to hot climates?
  • We recommend that your balsam products be shipped to arrive no earlier than Dec. 8th in hot climates.

  • Chevron down How do I care for my balsam product?
  • We include care instructions in the box with all of our balsam products.

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