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Our Centerpiece Collection

Traditional Balsam Centerpiece


Enjoy the greenery and fragrance of balsam fir with our Traditional Balsam Fir Holiday Centerpiece. As the center decoration of your holiday table, displayed on a mantle or adding a festive touch to a quiet retreat our centerpiece is a versatile decoration. Approximately 12″ x 20″ the centerpiece is made in absorbent floral foam and when watered regularly will remain fresh throughout the holiday season. The centerpiece is decorated with a red bow, cones, delightful snowdrop berries, lifelike holly berries and three elegant candles.

Maine Wild Blueberry Centerpiece


Our Maine Wild Blueberry Centerpiece recognizes Maine’s wild blueberry industry that is centered around the barrens of Washington County,  the world’s largest supplier of wild blueberries. Our centerpiece is designed to share this piece of our culture. A white, 3” X 6” pillar candle is surrounded by clusters of plump, faux blueberries and frosted cones accented by pearl holly berries and a hand tied Navy Gingham blue bow. Fragrant balsam fir, with sprays white pine and cedar boughs, compose the base of this attractive centerpiece.

Home for the Holidays


Our Home for the Holidays Centerpiece Celebrate the sights and scent of Christmas with this full, festive Centerpiece. Our largest centerpiece features a 3″ x 6″ red pillar candle nestled in a thick fragrant bed of balsam fir, white pine and cedar. This delightful decoration is adorned with red velvet and gold shimmering ribbons, red crabapples and golden accents. Measures approximately 20″ x 24″

Classic Christmas Centerpiece


Our Christmas Classic Centerpiece will stir memories of Christmas past. The fresh balsam fir is the fragrance of the season. Cones, berries and gold trimmed red ribbon candy bows accent the dark green boughs. The flickering candles provide a warm glow of holiday spirit.

Ribbon Candy Centerpiece


Our Ribbon Candy Centerpiece at Christmas time is a holiday must! This delightful round centerpiece, which measures approximately 16″ in diameter, gets it’s name from two ribbon candy bows made of metallic plaid ribbon.  Holly berries, delightful snowdrop berries and three pine cones accentuate the look, nestled on a bed of fragrant balsam fir and white pine.  Two red candles, one 8″ and one 10″ complete this holiday favorite.

State of Maine Centerpiece


Our State of Maine Centerpiece A colorful blue jay has perched on a fallen birch log overlooking a woodland scene commonly found in Maine.  Our centerpiece features a base of balsam fir, cedar and tassels of white pine, decorated with cones, faux berries, two ten- inch red candles and an eight inch log of real Maine birch.  This centerpiece is made in a reusable basket using absorbent floral foam that helps keep the greens fresh throughout the season.

Winter Holly Centerpiece


Our Winter Holly Centerpiece, stirs fond memories of sunshine sparkling on a new fallen snow and a crisp cold air filling your lungs. Handcrafted using fragrant Maine Balsam Fir, this centerpiece is adorned with a shimmering gold bow and faux winter holly leaves and berries.  Pine cones and golden accents blend nicely with the fresh greens.  Our centerpiece features two 10″ white candles and measures approximately 12″ X 20″.

Winter Silver Centerpiece


Our Winter Silver Centerpiece is designed for two purposes. The first is to provide an option for customers who want decorate for the holidays without using red. The second purpose is to have a centerpiece that can be used after the holidays for those customers that want to keep greenery and fragrance into the winter season. A royal blue ribbon embossed with silver snowflakes adorns this centerpiece. Blue and silver berries, sparkling snowflakes and candles on a base of mixed evergreens celebrates winter. This centerpiece measures approximately 18” x 20”.

Frosty Morning Centerpiece


After a frigid night, a frosty morning covers the evergreens in a shimmering silver coat. The rising sun sparkles on the melting frost creating colorful twinkles reflected from the surrounding landscape. Our ” Frosty Morning” has a silvery ribbon, cones and leaves. Colorful balls mimic the reflections on the melting frost. A deep breath of the familiar balsam fragrance and the sparkling decorations of a “Frosty Morning” will add an elegant touch to your holiday decorating.

Maine Lumberjack Centerpiece


A red and black checked plaid coat was, at one time, common clothing for Maine Lumberjacks.  I can remember my Dad and Grandfather coming home from a day in the woods with the smell of wood smoke and sawdust on their coats.  Our Maine Lumberjack centerpiece features a ribbon made with red/black plaid fabric, festive cones, apples and berries and a six-inch red pillar candle displayed on the fresh, fragrant boughs of balsam fir.

Include these special Add-ons!

Maine Wild Blueberry Sweet n’ Sour Sampler

Wild blueberries have more healthful antioxidants per serving than any other natural food.

This tasty treat combo includes a 13.5 oz bottle of Blueberry Vinaigrette and a 4 oz jar of Blueberry Jam each made with Maine’s homegrown super fruit. This vinaigrette is a sweet tasting dressing that can be enjoyed on tossed salad or a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Unique and so delicious!

$12 when included with any item.


Set of Three Balsam Sachets

Aroma Therapy for the Christmas soul!

These aromatic sachets measure 4X6 and can be used anywhere in the home or car to enjoy the memorable fragrance of Christmastime.  Add these to your already special balsam fir gift.

(Colors May Vary)

$10 when included with any item.


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