Christmas Wreaths, Christmas centerpieces & balsam Christmas decorations shipped fresh from Maine. Decorate this Christmas season with wreaths from Maine.

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As the days shorten and the air chills, people in Washington County, Maine begin to prepare for the Christmas wreath season. Garages, basements and kitchen tables become manufacturing plants for balsam wreaths and other balsam products. Maine Made Christmas is located in the heart of the Maine balsam industry, nestled between the scenic Narraguagus river and the dense evergreen forests of Downeast Maine in Columbia Falls.

Maine Made Christmas, a family owned business has over a 15 years of experience in the manufacturing, decorating and shipping of balsam products. New products, location, experience and enthusiasm all combine to help Maine Made Christmas reach our goal of providing our customers with quality balsam products.

Let us serve you and help take some stress out of your holiday season.

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Balsam Christmas Wreaths

christmas wreaths christmas wreaths christmas wreaths Classic Christmas Wreath
Traditional Christmas
Wreath - 24"
Frosty Morning Wreath Ribbon Candy
Christmas Wreath
Classic Christmas Wreath
christmas wreaths christmas wreaths christmas wreaths christmas wreaths
Traditional Christmas
Wreath - 30"
Maine Wild
Blueberry Wreath
Simply Elegant
Christmas Wreath
Balsam Wreaths

Customer Feedback About Our Christmas Wreaths and Christmas and Holiday Centerpieces

Dear Colleen and Robert,
I just wanted to let you know how beautiful the wreaths are that you shipped for GWG.  I received mine last night and couldn't be happier.  I called my employer to let her know and she is equally thrilled.  Thank you for the great work that you do.
Merry Christmas,


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