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What is a Balsam Buddy?

A Balsam Buddy is a wreath hanger.  Our unique hanger transforms a wreath into a whimsical, seasonal character.

The hanger does it all.  There is a hook for the wreath.  The face and sign attach by sliding screws (already in place) into keyhole cutouts.  The whole character can be assembled in less than 5 minutes without tools.

The hanger is designed to hang a Balsam Buddy on a variety of surfaces.  The hanger comes with an over the door hook to display your Buddy on any standard door or fence rail.  Remove two screws to detach the hook and the Balsam Buddy can be hung anywhere you can put a nail or screw.  Mailbox posts, fence posts, walls, decks and trees can be used to display a Balsam Buddy. 

The character can be mounted on a standard 36” wire easel to be used anywhere in your holiday decorating.  We have even used a common hose clamp to mount a Buddy on a metal lamp post.

The face, greeting sign and feet are made with the same board that road signs are made of.  Colorful, weather resistant decals and screen printing are then used to create our holiday characters.  These non-perishable features are durable, long lasting and reusable.

This item is very popular with children as well as the kid at heart.  We have grandparents tell us their grandchildren know Christmas is near when they see the Balsam Buddy on the door.

Balsam Buddies:


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